Kim Margolin, MD

Co-Investigator of the CITN

Dr. Margolin has shared responsibility for organization & trial development at CITN. Dr. Margolin joined Seattle Cancer Care Alliance as a Professor at the University of Washington and a member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. DR. Margolin will assist with trial design and coordinate efforts at the member institutions. Dr. Margolin is an internationally recognized expert in clinical trials of immunotherapy agents and has substantial experience in coordinating multi-institutional immunotherapy trials.

Dr. Margolin joined Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and University of Washington to lead the melanoma and renal cancer programs, due in large part to her expertise in leading, coordinating, and participating in multi-institutional trials of immune-response modifiers in solid tumors and selected hematologic malignancies. As one of the 6 original members of the NCI-contracted Extramural IL-/LAK Working Group, she participated in a long series of trials focused on IL-2 that also explored the activity of other recombinant human cytokines for the immunotherapy of advanced cancer. As a leader in that group, which became known as the Cytokine Working Group (CWG) and has grown to include 12 member institutions, she has continued to participate in all of the clinical trials and to organize the group’s regular conference calls and meetings. She has also coordinated the interactions of the group with biotechnology and pharmaceutical sponsors.

During her tenure at the City of Hope, Dr. Margolin acted as the local PI for a series of pharmaceutical sponsored trials of immunomodulatory agents and participated in the study design of several. She worked closely with the California Cancer Consortium-Pittsburgh on phase I and II trials of investigational agents and combinations, including several trials for melanoma and renal cancer, her current disease areas of expertise. She served a 5-year term on FDA ODAC, which included votes on several immunomodulatory agents and after has served as a consultant for several biotechnology companies for the development of immunotherapy agents as well as on data and safety monitoring committees.

Dr. Margolin received her MD degree from Stanford University. She completed her residency in Internal Medicine at Yale New Haven Hospital.

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